The Race Racket Part I: Inconvenient Truths

Michael Brown. Ferguson. Race. Racism. Cops. These words have been hovering around for the last few months like a swarm of mosquitoes, draining the life out of the country’s already-pitiful ability to have a meaningful conversation with itself.

I wanted this piece to be somewhat civil, I really did. I spent the longest four and a half minutes of my life trying to come up with some vaguely even-handed, even conciliatory, way of discussing such a divisive issue. But the truth is that I am fed up. I’m fed up with The Narrative the left propagates and their twisting every single negative thing that can conceivably happen to a black person into an issue of racism.

I’m fed up with their Orwellian abuse of language, having effectively redefined the word racism in order to continue accusing others of practicing it. I’m tired of their ludicrous theories about “latent racism” and “white privilege”, and I’m tired of the culture they created: a culture in which the media acts as a lynch mob, blacks who don’t vote Democrat are seen by other blacks as race traitors, and countless young whites across the country are ashamed of their own heritage. Most of all I’m tired of the blood-sucking charlatans who don’t give a damn about dead black kids unless their killers are white.

Everyone knows The Narrative. It’s that version of American history and current events that sees the entire story of the nation as little more than a series of one outrageous racist event after another. It’s the belief that two hundred plus years of social change hasn’t actually changed anything, that black people still face entrenched discrimination, and that life in America is inherently more dangerous and difficult for black people because of it. So dangerous, in fact, that the average black teen can’t walk down the street without risk of being shot by a racist cop or vigilante citizen.

The Narrative has become so ingrained pathologically in some folks that it could arguably be described as a religion. Just as some of us have faith that there is one God and Jesus Christ is his only begotten son, others have faith that any time a black person is killed by a white person (or, as we now know, a “white Hispanic” person) it is because RACISM. Never mind the fact that in 2008 America elected a black Marxist for a president, or that according to the CJCJ and CDC more than twice as many white people were shot by cops as were black people in 2012 and police killings of blacks on the whole have declined 70% in the last fifty years; the Michael Brown incident is far more indicative of how contemporary “white” America feels about blacks.

That is why the failure to indict officer Wilson was so shocking to liberals and blacks in America. The facts are irrelevant to these people. Officer Wilson was guilty before he even pulled the trigger because he was a white man with a badge and a gun (and if you think that assuming someone is guilty/racist merely because he is white is itself racist, you would be wrong – only white people can be racist, remember).

A successful religion needs its cosmic bad guys. If the original leaders of the Civil Rights movement are its prophets, and dead black teens its martyrs, then surely cops are its demons, the agents of the Dark Lord Racism manifest in the world. It doesn’t matter that Michael Brown was a violent thug who prior to encountering officer Wilson robbed a store, they say. It’s what Ferguson represents; the supposedly-countless other (allegedly) innocent black teens gunned down over the years by (allegedly) racist white people for (allegedly) no reason, the racial profiling and stop and frisk, the dirty looks from store owners, etc.

Michael Brown’s being an actual criminal, they say, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that many police seem to treat all black people like criminals, and innocent black boys in America in general shouldn’t have to walk around with the fear of being harassed by power-drunk, racist cops. Unfortunately, however, the inconvenient truth is that a young black male is statistically far more likely to commit a violent crime than his white peer. As long as this remains a fact it is entirely impractical, and foolish, to suggest that policing should somehow or even could be completely color-blind.

The left in New York City, for example, love to decry stop and frisk policies. The fact that over 80% of people stopped were black or Hispanic was a fact frequently touted as proof positive that America, or New York City at least, has a problem with racism. One might be inclined to see it as evidence that New York City has a serious problem with racist cops, if not for the fact that over 80% of violent crimes in New York City are committed by blacks and Hispanics.

The national statistics are far worse. In 2013 blacks committed 5,375 murders, compared to 4,396 murders committed by whites. Black people, however, make up less than 13% of the population (whites account for 63%). Taking into account the fact that most of these murders are committed by males between the ages of 15 and 30, it means a demographic representing less than 5% of the total population is responsible for nearly 50% of the murders committed in the country (a little under 12,300 murders were committed in 2013). As Rudi Giuliani recently observed, the greatest danger to blacks is other blacks.

One can ponder the reasons for the shockingly-disproportionately high number of blacks involved in violent crimes, but a main – if not the main – contributing factor is surely the abhorrent urban conditions in which many black people in America live. These are of course the result of the very economic and social policies favoured by the left and most so-called leaders of the black community. This, and the fact that the left and these so-called leaders seem to oppose any policing measures that actually save black lives, makes their alleged concern for the health and safety of the black community that much more emetic.

The left and their marionettes in the mainstream media would have us ignore the depravity and poverty wrought on the black community by the Democrats’ Great Society and similar welfare programs in cities across the country, a community that until these policies were enacted had seen a continuously-growing share of the nation’s wealth, a crime rate not particularly different from any other demographic in the country, and an even higher rate of intact two-parent households than the white community.

Despite all of this we are to believe that the greatest threat to black people is white racists. Unfortunately the cultural marxists have been relatively successful in propagating The Narrative. The impression given both at home and abroad is is that America for blacks is a lawless land where even a boy can’t walk to a store in broad daylight without risk of being attacked or killed because of the color of his skin. What is perhaps most disturbing about all of this is that the opposite is in fact true. The people in America most likely to be attacked for the color of their skin these days are white folks.

The past few years have seen an alarming number of incidents of individual and mob violence against whites perpetrated by blacks, and a disturbing reticence in the media to report on them (nearly every stand-out report of black-on-white crime in America I’ve read about in the past few years has been on a foreign website, usually British). If these incidents are reported on in the American press, the race of the perpetrators is usually ignored or minimized, euphemisms such as “teens” being preferred. The race of the victim is frequently unreported; they wouldn’t dare report on such crimes the way they would were the races of those involved reversed. Even the police are frequently complicit in white-washing (pun intended) such events. After Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic was beaten to death with a hammer by a gang of black teens, St. Louis police said that there was no reason to think it was a hate crime and they weren’t treating it as such. Meanwhile, a witness reported the murderers screaming “f-ck the white people” and “kill the white people” before their brutal attack. No hate crime indeed.

The left just cannot let the truth get in the way of The Narrative. Until the American media and authorities are truthful about the facts surrounding the issue, and Americans are permitted to speak honestly and openly about it, the issue of race will never come close to being resolved and will continue to be a permanent source of social discomfort if not outright unrest, and the problems that plague the black community will continue to fester. Of course, one might be tempted to think the purveyors of The Narrative want these problems to go unsolved, for should the black community be freed from its depravity-inducing cycle of poverty and dependency it would make maintaining The Narrative impossible, and that would mean the end of one of the cultural marxists’ most vital sources of power and influence.

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