The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hair, Makeup, and Breasts

The cover of the next issue of Vanity Fair features Bruce Jenner, post- “facial-feminization” surgery, wearing women’s clothes, and insisting we now call him Caitlyn. Predictably, upon being greeted with this news, the brainwashed masses online reacted as if Mr. Jenner had just descended from the heavens in a burst of rainbows, mounted on a winged unicorn, and soared down to earth just in time to rescue five hundred orphaned ethnic children and as many puppies from a burning building.

Facebook feeds across the land were inundated with comments celebrating Mr. Jenner’s “courage” and “bravery” as similar sentiments lit up the Twittersphere. Soldiers are brave, Christians in Iraq who stay in their homes when ISIS is down the road are brave, the first responders who ran repeatedly into the burning towers on 9/11 were brave. Bruce Jenner is many things, but brave he is most certainly not. He did something everyone already knew he was going to do, and did so in a climate and culture that inevitably lauded him for it.

People gushed about how beautiful “she” looked, and how happy they were for “her” now that “she” was “her” true self. I might suggest, however, that if one believes a man needs cosmetic surgery, make-up, women’s clothes, excellent lighting, and the legendary camera skills of Annie Leibovitz in order to be his true self, he might consider reexamining what the word “true” truly means.

For those of us immune to the emotional appeal of entertaining and encouraging a mentally-disturbed person’s delusions, to witness such a reaction from so many is akin to the sensation one must feel upon awaking to find oneself trapped in an insane asylum. It is to be the boy, surrounded by feckless and fawning courtiers prostrating themselves in praise over the emperor’s new clothes, who sees clearly that the emperor is in fact as naked as a newborn babe.

Almost everything the left believes in and wishes to accomplish is based on the willful denial of reason, natural law, and human nature – reality, as it is also known – but rarely in one issue is this denial as spectacularly evident than in the left’s drive to normalize and encourage transgenderism. A man who for whatever reason believes his “true self” is in fact a woman, is not a woman, he is a man with a serious psychological problem, and no amount of surgery, pronoun switching, or gushing praise and encouragement from legions of social justice warriors and the PC chattering classes can every truly change that.

Yet we now apparently live in a world in which this complete refusal to recognize reality is seen as progress, and we are to entertain the fantasies of people in clear need of psychological help rather than give them that help. And just as the swindlers assured the emperor that only the unworthy and “hopelessly stupid” could not see the clothes, the cultural Marxists tell us that only the bigoted and hopelessly stupid could fail to see that Bruce Jenner is actually a woman, and the self-satisfied bleeding-heart drones drink every last drop of the kool-aid and ask for more. Take a look at this friendly and in no way insidious public service announcement that appeared recently on the campus of a prestigious college in the Northeast:

The text under the image reads. “If you can use public restrooms without fear of verbal abuse, physical intimidation, or arrest, you have cisgender privilege.” For those of us unfamiliar with the left’s Dictionary of Made-Up But Politically Useful Words and Concepts, the creators of this PSA helpfully included the definition of cisgender: “someone whose self-identity conforms to the gender they were assigned at birth based on their biological status”.

This is madness. Arrant nonsensical madness. If one can use a public restroom without fear of verbal abuse, physical intimidation, or arrest (or scarring a child for life, I might add), then one is in the correct restroom. Someone whose “self-identity” conforms to the gender they were “assigned” at birth based on their “biological status”, their actual gender if you will, is a normal, sane human being.

The Y-chromosomed, sperm-producing members of the human species are males. The X-X-chromosomed, non-mobile-ova-producing members are females. It’s that easy, and has nothing at all to do with self-identity. Whilst there are rare hermaphroditic exceptions to the rule, it is an inescapable biological fact that chromosomes and genitalia determine one’s sex, not one’s own wishes or desires. Lefties, those self-proclaimed champions of “science”, are positively eager to ignore basic biology in the name of politics; anything to further the destruction of traditional Western morality and values.

If this were a mere question of a few disturbed adults here and there undergoing various forms of self-mutilation in order to feel better about themselves, I might not care as much as I do, and I probably wouldn’t be devoting an entire essay to the subject. But this is an issue that effects children greatly. And it’s about much more than just the very real possibility of little girls being forced to share public restrooms with grown men in dresses.

There are currently children being “treated” for gender dysphoria, enough in California alone for Louis Theroux to be able to produce an entire documentary about it. But how could a child – a child – possibly have gender dysphoria, let alone the necessary mental capacity and agency to truly understand and accept the consequences of hormone therapy and surgery. The description for the Theroux documentary states that “Louis is told that children as young as three can show signs of rejecting the gender they were assigned at birth”.

This is pure insanity. Kids are kids. They’re curious, they experiment, they frequently challenge expectations and are very often weird. They have a well-earned reputation for going through phases. Is every little boy who would rather play with Barbie than GI Joe – many of whom in another age would probably have grown up to be average homosexuals – to be subjected to positively Mengelian medical procedures just so his liberal parents can feel good about their progressive credentials?

If there was one thing more hysterical than the reaction of the plebeian masses to Mr. Jenner’s “debut”, it was no doubt their reaction to those, like myself, whose response to seeing a sixty-five year old man, who had surgery to make his face look feminine, dressed in drag was a little more natural and kool-aid free. But despite the charges, I hardly think a basic appreciation of and respect for human biology and English pronouns is a mark of bigotry. The charade has gone on long enough. The emperor wears no clothes. Bruce Jenner is not a woman, and he never will be.

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