On Racist Mass-Murderers and Rebel Flags

When deranged, racist psychopath Dylann Roof murdered nine innocent people in a black church in Charleston, SC last week, his intention was allegedly to start a race war. Ultimately, however, it appears the only war he managed to start was a verbal one over the display of the Confederate flag.

Americans, especially American liberals, have a habit of using unspeakable tragedies to attack things vaguely-related to said tragedies that they don’t like. Usually in the wake of mass shootings the target is guns, and of course plenty of pundits have pushed the tired this-wouldn’t-have-happened-were-guns-illegal inanity in reaction to the Charleston shooting. A writer for Salon even used the shooting to reveal the alleged-existence of a double-standard in media reactions to young, white murderers versus young, black murderers.

The article reveals an incredibly detachment from reality. The reason questions like “is something wrong with the white family? Why are their sons and men so violent?” aren’t asked after a rampage by the likes of a Dylann Roof or an Adam Lanza is because these incidents are, despite what certain liberals would have us believe, incredibly rare, and the perpetrators usually have a recorded history of mental illness and psychiatric medication. Young, black males, on the other hand, murder each other in cold blood by the dozens every week. But I digress.

While guns would be the usual and presumable target, this shooting had an overt racial element. Now, I realise that most liberals are under the collective delusion that any incident in which a white person shoots a black person has an overt racial element, but in this case that element was actually there; Roof is an avowed racist and has admitted his crime was racially-motivated. Because of this liberals have, bizarrely, turned their ire on the Confederate flag.

To suggest that Roof’s beliefs and despicable actions were somehow related directly to the display of the Confederate flag and presence of other Confederate symbols in parts of the country is mind-numbingly ludicrous. Yet this is apparently the current liberal consensus, and they have been relentless in their attacks on symbols of the Lost Cause and their desire to erase, in quite a Stalinist fashion, all present traces of the C.S.A.. The Atlantic alone ran two pieces in one week attacking the display of the flag, and similar sentiments surfaced throughout many other left-wing publications.

As an owner of a small library on the Confederacy and the American Civil War, a history buff in general, and one who is most sympathetic to the Lost Cause, I have seen my fair share of Confederate flags, even, dare I admit, owned a few. Not once, however, have I been overcome with the desire to massacre a group of innocent black people, advocate for chattel slavery, or get an embarrassing haircut and pose with a handgun in front of a flowerpot like a complete and utter tosser.

Decidedly disturbing is that multiple mainstream “conservative” voices have also jumped on the anti-Confederate imagery bandwagon. As always, these pathetic attempts at placating liberals are particularly misguided and, in the long run, largely self-defeating. Aside from the fact that any proper conservative, or libertarian for that matter, should be a Confederate sympathiser (more on that in another post to come), given the current climate in which any dissent from the majority politically-correct, cultural Marxist consensus is treated as a most heretical thought-crime, it is obvious that conservatives should defend anything liberals find remotely offensive, if for no other reason than it is eminently fun.

For there is little difference in principle between banning the Confederate flag and renaming buildings/roads/forts named after Confederate generals because they offend an indeterminable number of black people and guilt-ridden, white liberals, and banning the American flag because it offends Mexicans, or prohibiting the display of Christian imagery because it offends certain godless, hell-bound materialists, etc. In this day and age of constant politically-correct crybaby-ism, of “safe spaces” and “trigger-warnings”, it is more important than ever to defend the freedom to offend.

Still, liberals are right to question what motivated Dylann Roof to commit such a heinous act, but when they look to the flag flying above the South Carolina capitol they are looking in the wrong direction. They would be far better served by looking in a mirror. Dylann Roof clearly believes “white America” is under threat. But is this really because he was exposed to Confederate imagery?

Perhaps it is because every time a cop kills a black thug in the line of duty the chattering classes erupt and we’re subjected to endless lectures and articles on that all-pervasive white racism, yet blacks in some parts of the country literally hunt whites for sport, and rarely a month goes by without some incident of horrific black-on-white crime, yet these incidents are rarely reported on by major networks and never reported as the racially-motivated hate crimes they truly are.

Moreover, though supremely stupid, it is hardly that surprising that a mentally-disturbed, racist teenager actually believed the mass-murder of innocent black church-goers could spark a race war. Given that almost every incident of late in which a single black criminal has died at the hands of a cop (or a white-hispanic neighbourhood watchman) has resulted in widespread civil unrest if not outright rioting and looting in black communities, one can only imagine what Roof must have thought the reaction in those communities would be to the murder of multiple innocent black churchgoers.

Dylann Roof did not commit murder because he was exposed to the Confederate flag, and the opportunistic use of such a tragic and abhorrent act to attack the public display of Confederate imagery is simply repugnant.

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