A Few Belated Thoughts on Charlottesville

The reaction from nearly all sides — by which I mean progressive leftists of every sort, so-called political moderates, the mainstream media, and the feckless liberal cowards who inhabit the halls of Conservative Inc. — in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia was simply staggering.

Rarely in this author’s life has he seen such a flagrant display of hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty, doublethink, ideological manipulation, and pure, unadulterated lying from the media powers-that-be.

Nearly every interpretation put forward by the mainstream media regarding what happened on that day —  and who was there, what the people who were there actually believe, and of course President Donald Trump’s role in all of it — was utterly absurd.

Perhaps even more troubling is the number of otherwise moderate, free-speech-respecting Americans who seem ready to shred the Constitution after a mere few weeks of this progressive propaganda.

The most obvious and immediate evidence of mainstream media chicanery was the reckless abuse of the English language in descriptions of those Alt-Right activists who attended the Charlottesville rally and the ideology they largely represent. The rally in Charlottesville and those who attended it have routinely been described as “white supremacist” or “Nazi”, with slightly less frequency, “white nationalist” — and of course who could forget “racist.”

Despite what pundits, journalists, and Democratic politicians would have the public believe, a white supremacist is not the same thing as a Nazi which is not the same thing as a white nationalist which is not the same thing as a racist.

First let’s discuss “Nazis.” The only actual Nazis in the world, if there are any left, are a scant few octogenarians and nonagenarians hiding out in suburbs across the west, praying that they aren’t found by Jewish Nazi-hunters before they die. And while there may have been some neo-Nazis in attendance, available evidence suggests they were a fringe of the fringe.

Hitler’s brand of National Socialism is a very specific ideology: it mandates a national-socialist economic policy, advocates eugenics and Darwinism, teaches that some Europeans, and not just Jews, are subhuman, and embraces modernity in all its terror.

White supremacy on the other hand is merely the belief that whites are superior to other races and have a right to rule over them, and construct political systems in which non-whites are “second-class” citizens or even not citizens at all. Examples of white supremacy include African chattel slavery and Jim Crow laws in the Americas and Apartheid-era South Africa.

This is however entirely different from white nationalism, which is the belief that whites have the right to — and should — organize politically in their supposed collective interest and seek to separate themselves from other races, eventually forming all-white “ethno-states.” Like all forms of nationalism, it is a post-Enlightenment Jacobin ideology rooted in notions of “the people” and their abstract “right” to self-government. White nationalism is in philosophical principle no different from the black nationalist impulses of the Black Lives Matter movement or Zionism.

And while there was surely a smattering of actual white supremacists in attendance and certainly a significant number of white nationalists, the rally itself was not ostensibly held in the cause of either. It was a rally held in defense of the Robert E. Lee statue in Lee Park. But unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, there was a handful of cretinous idiots (or potentially Feds) waving Nazi flags, providing the hostile Establishment perfect propaganda with which to mislead the public about the day’s events.

The reason the liberal Establishment is intentionally misleading the public about Charlottesville is not because it fears neo-Nazis, but because it wants to conflate in the public mind any strand of anti-egalitarian, anti-multicultural thought — including traditionalist conservatism, presumably — with actual Naziism and ergo the Holocaust. More immediately it wishes to crush the growing Alt-Right/white nationalist movement, which ironically looks not to Nazi Germany as a model, but to Israel.

Indeed this is surely why those like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe have consistently lied about the intent of the rally attendees — insisting that they all came with the full intention of attacking people (as if anyone could possibly know such a thing) — and that they planned and orchestrated the violence which occurred there.

And this is why McAuliffe and those in the media delivering that same message resorted to their most egregious mutilation of reality: to downplay or deny entirely both the militant Left’s involvement in the violence in Charlottesville and the threat that this Red Menace poses to the public overall.

Indeed, if one just listened to the mainstream media one might be forgiven for thinking that hundreds of white nationalists showed up in Charlottesville to do battle with themselves — despite mountains of photographic and video evidence, not to mention first-hand accounts, proving the presence of armed, violent Leftists.

They continue to insist that the “white supremacists” were not only the sole cause of the violence, but that their very presence made such violence inevitable. This is utter nonsense. Had the rally attendees been left to their own devices it is highly probable that the event would have occurred without incident.

Even taking for granted that some Unite the Right participants went to Charlottesville with a mind to hurt other people, had Leftists not shown up to protest, a woman would still be alive. Were the Left not inherently incapable of just letting others be, the name Charlottesville would still be meaningless to most people.

This flat out refusal to recognize that the chaos at Charlottesville was a result of Leftist intolerance only ensures that such chaos will occur again in the future.

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