A Comparative Guide to the Dissident Right

The following is a comparative diagram of the three major strains of the dissident right: ideological Traditionalism with a capital “T” (a la Guenon, Evola), traditionalist conservatism (as espoused by yours truly on The Traditionalist Mind), and what I will at present refer to broadly as the Revolutionary Right (which for the purposes of this article refers to the New Right, Fascists, and broad swathes of the Alt-Right).

I created this a while back because it was becoming increasingly clear that the Alt-Right has developed quite the case of schizophrenia, as many on the Alt-Right were beginning to throw around the terms “traditionalist” and “traditionalism” whilst also advancing ideas and concepts antithetical to the very spirit thereof.

This schizophrenia is of course inevitable with any revolutionary right-wing movement. That inevitability arises from the inherent contradiction at the heart of all strains of revolutionary rightism: the revolutionary rightist seeks to combat the consequences of the Enlightenment with means that in and of themselves are fundamentally Enlightenment products.

This Enlightenment pedigree is what separates revolutionary rightism inherently from both Traditionalism and traditionalist conservatism (note: Evolan Traditionalism is somewhat of a paradox. It is explicitly anti-Enlightenment, and yet is also an ideology which could not exist had the Enlightenment not occurred).

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.52.19 PM
UPDATE: Free WordPress seems not to allow me to post a large image of the diagram. You can find a larger version of the diagram here.

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