Yes, There Are ‘Sh*thole Countries’ and No, We Shouldn’t Import Their People

The outrage brigade has fully mobilized following reports that President Donald Trump asked a question during a meeting on Thursday that has surely been asked by every sane, free-thinking individual.

“Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?” Trump reportedly asked, according to The Hill. It’s a good question.

But of course Trump has committed the gravest of sins as far the Globalist puppeteers are concerned — he has dared to notice. And indeed not only did Trump recognize that some countries are “sh*tholes”, he also recognized that some countries are — by extension — not. “He reportedly suggested the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries such as Norway,” The Hill reported.

The “sh*thole countries” to which President Trump referred were apparently Haiti and some unspecified countries in Africa. That this is even remotely controversial is absurd, considering that by most objective measures Haiti and the African countries are indeed “sh*tholes” (if we take “sh*thole” to mean an unpleasant and undesirable place in which to live, and the metrics by which we reach that designation to be things like life-expectancy, crime, corruption, violence, standard of living, etc.).

What is even more ludicrous about the hysterical reaction to Trump’s use of the phrase “sh*thole countries” to describe sh*thole countries is the fact that liberals and globalists explicitly accept that said countries are sh*tholes. Indeed, if those countries are not sh*tholes, why do we have any reason whatsoever to even consider letting their people into our countries en masse?

As for President Trump’s apparent preference for Norwegians over Nigerians — that different peoples are, well, different, is a fundamental truth recognized by traditionalist conservatives since Enlightenment philosophes first started denying it. Human beings are not interchangeable parts in a giant global factory. The effects of thousands and thousands of years of separate geography, culture, religion, and, yes to an extent, genetics, cannot be ignored. “A constitution which is made for all nations is made for none: it is a pure abstraction,” observed de Maistre.

Given that fact, it is insanely stupid for a society to allow in swathes of migrants whose thousands of years of separate geographic, cultural, religious, and genetic development have rendered them incompatible with — or even inimical to — it. Of course, insanely stupid has been the rule of the day in the West for quite some time now.

And indeed Trump was speaking merely about poverty-stricken countries rife with corruption, violence, and rape whose people’s average IQ is shockingly low — not countries who have most of that plus a religion that insights them to perpetrate violence and rape against infidels.

All of this is beside the point, really. President Trump wasn’t being ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ or even untrue. Water’s wet, the sky is blue, and Haiti is most certainly a sh*thole.

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