Musings and Aphorisms I

All forms of Leftism manifest themselves in two essential stages. First comes the hug, then the hangman.


The modern progressive movement is a tragic paradox. It strikes out at global capitalism with one hand whilst feeding it with the other.


The modern feminist decries an imaginary ‘war on women’ whilst waging an actual war on womanhood.


The purpose of so-called ‘equality of the sexes’ is to destroy the sexes themselves. The desire for gender equality is the desire to mastectomize and to castrate.


Nation-states beget national banks.


Patriotism is the duty to defend one’s home and hearth; Nationalism the desire to destroy the home and hearth of one’s neighbours.


The true reactionary does not see in the past a destination to be reached, but a chart by which to navigate the present and reach the future safely.


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