Expanding the Red Pill/Matrix Analogy

Those on the dissident right are beyond familiar with the concept of red-pilling at this point.

A reference to one of the most memorable scenes in the first Matrix film, “taking the red pill” refers to the acceptance/realization that the geopolitical and social narratives peddled by the Establishment and its mainstream media allies are complete nonsense intentionally intended to deceive — that the world as presented by those forces is a lie.

But the red pill analogy generally doesn’t go much beyond than that. And that’s a shame, because The Matrix analogy can be taken further and used to illustrate some important geopolitical and economic realities of our age.

In the film, human beings have been reduced to battery cells which exist solely to power their robotic machine overlords, and it is indeed the Matrix itself — a sophisticated computer simulation — that blinds humans to their disturbing reality. One would be hard pressed to find a better analogy for the order under which Western man has been living for at least the last 200 years.

Of course, in the case of our analogy the robotic machine overlords are the Money Power, and while we may not be physically trapped in battery-pods, the Mercantile/Masonic Ascendency has done its best to turn us into a sea of atomized individuals disconnected from our families and authentic organic communities — “real life”, as it were. There are few better visualizations of the soul-destroying nature of such an existence than this shot from The Matrix:


Just like the humans in The Matrix, we have been cut off from authentic life in an organic community governed by natural law. Though we have have not been turned into batteries powering futuristic AI machines, we have been turned into homo economicus, the raw fodder for the Globalist economic machine. And like the machines in the Matrix who control humans’ lives from birth in order to extract every last joule of energy possible, the forces behind the West’s current techno-bureaucratic order do their best to extract every last cent of material productiveness and wealth.

This touches directly on the great lie of the Enlightenment. In practice the promise of rule by the people is merely the guarantee of the domination of the banker. To destroy Throne and Altar is to cut the ties that bind us to one another, and puts us at the mercy of the Money Power.

The analogy can go even further. Indeed it strikes one as almost too coincidental that in the films the creator of the Matrix is called the Architect — the Great Architect being of course the Freemasons’ name for God. And it is that satanic fraternity which was so often at the heart of revolutionary movements that sought to tear down the traditional Christian order and ushered in the rule of the Money Power.

Finally, there is also analogy to be found in the character of Neo, who meets the Architect only to discover that his entire existence is part of the machines’ game and the Matrix itself. What better metaphor for the self-styled Progressive who rages against the Money Power, yet is a thorough product thereof and otherwise promotes social policies that only serve to strengthen it? Or perhaps Neo might even be seen as a loyal member of Conservative Inc, a member of the controlled opposition who thinks he’s fighting liberals but doesn’t realize he is one. Either one works really.

Anyway, the point to these observations, if there is one, is that by all means take the red pill and see the lies for what they are — but don’t forget to take note of who is telling those lies, and whom those lies ultimately benefit.

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