Musings and Aphorisms II

A Jacobin cap may be black instead of red, but it’s still a Jacobin cap.


Trying to restore traditional society with fascism or white nationalism is like trying to heal a burn with fire.


To be a modern feminist is simple — one only has to deny the very existence of femininity itself.


A culture’s obscenities are degradations of that which it exalts. Before the Enlightenment our swearwords were usually religious in nature — they have since been sexual and racial.


The libertarian offers a false choice between liberty and authority. Rightful authority is not liberty’s enemy, but its guardian; the true enemy of liberty is egalitarianism, which leads inevitably to totalitarianism, and egalitarianism reigns if and only when rightful authority has been subverted. 


If there exists a longstanding social conflict it has not been between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie,  or the white man and the black man, or the progressive and the conservative, but between the city and the country — the landowner and the banker, the farmer and the merchant.



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