Dispatches from the Wasteland

A glance at some of the week’s noteworthy news and leftist lunacy. 

Illegal Alien Uber Driver Illustrates Benefits of Diversity 

A Mexican illegal alien was charged on Monday with raping, assaulting, and robbing four women. Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, an Uber driver, drove at least four intoxicated women back to their homes, where he assaulted them and raped them before stealing some of their belongings. As a certain world leader once said, “they’re not sending their best”.

To add insult to already gross injury, Alarcon-Nunez returned to the U.S. illegally after a voluntary deportation in 2005, and was able to drive legally because California, that bastion of liberal insanity, issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Swedish Leftist Protects Refugee Who Sexually Assaulted Her Pre-Teen Daughter

In a story that is a strikingly symbolic of modern Western feminism as a whole, it was reported that a Swedish woman was more worried about an Afghan refugee being deported than she was about her own daughter being sexually assaulted or raped by said refugee.

The unnamed woman discovered that her live-in Afghan refugee boyfriend had sexually assaulted her 12-year old daughter — and proceeded to do absolutely nothing.  “He stayed with us, and it felt outlandish to me,” the girl said during the trial, reported Swedish site Fria Tider.  “Mom did not want to make a police report because she was afraid that the Afghan would be forced to leave Sweden,” the girl said.

Make Italy Great Again… and Italian Again 

RT reported last week that Matteo Salvini, head of Italy’s Lega Nord party, has vowed to deport 100,000 immigrants a year if elected to the country’s premiership. “Salvini pledges to expel 500,000 illegal migrants out of more than 600,000 refugees who arrived in Italy over the past four years,” reported RT.

“In Italy, there are too many illegal immigrants who go around making a mess, I cannot take it anymore,” Salvini said in a radio interview. “There are those who use the aircraft to bring immigrants to Italy. I would use them to bring them back home.”

Germany Reminds Us Why Matteo Salvini Has a Point

German newspaper Die Welt reported that the name Mohammed is on course to become the most popular baby name in Germany. According to the Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache (GfdS), the name Mohammed has gone from the 97th most popular baby name to the 26th most popular in less than a decade. 

But as Breitbart points out, the study does not take into account the many variations of the name Mohammed, suggesting that the extent of the Islamic colonization of Germany may be even greater than the study indicates. The news follows the revelation that Mohammed and its variants are the third most-popular names among baby boys born in Vienna.

Popular Opinion Turns Against Sexual Deviants  
It was revealed last week that Americans are less accepting of LGBT people for the first time in four years. Fewer than half of heterosexual adults — 49 percent — said they were comfortable around LGBT people in certain scenarios, according to the Accelerating Acceptance report released on Thursday in Davos. In 2016 the number was 53 percent.

Since to 2014, the percentage of those surveyed who said they were uncomfortable having their child placed in a class with a LGBT teacher had been steadily declining. In 2014 it was 30 percent, but had dropped to 28 percent in 2016. In 2017, however, that number had shot back up to 31 percent.

Well, what do you know? It’s almost as if suing honest Christian families out of their livelihoods and promoting radical gender identity theory to children puts people off.

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