Reports of Satanic Child Sacrifice in Brazil

Church Militant publish a disturbing report yesterday about the Satanic sacrifice of two children allegedly performed at the behest of a wealthy businessman in Brazil.

According to the police report, the children — who were sold by their own parents — were sacrificed to the demon Moloch in a “prosperity ritual”. Real estate developer Jair da Silva, his two sons, and three associates commissioned a Satanic “high wizard”, Silvio Fernandes Rodrigues, to perform the demonic and unholy ritual.

At this point I would recommend that anyone faint of heart stop reading. Reports Church Militant:

The macabre ceremony was conducted in the isolated house where Rodrigues established the Temple of Lucifer. According to a description given by one of the witnesses, the participants were gathered around the barely conscious children (the examination of the boy’s body revealed he had ingested enough alcohol to put an adult man in a coma), in front of the altar of Lucifer, surrounded by candles. Rodrigues was wearing a cape and a dog mask and chanting in an unknown language. The forensic analysis revealed that the children were sexually abused before being carved up alive, and their flesh and blood were consumed.

This story should be proof positive for any who doubt the existence of Evil. And indeed a detail of the story also reveals the extent to which Protestantism is not Christianity and those who deny the real presence in the Eucharist are heretical.

“The first step of the satanic ritual in question was the denial of Jesus Christ made inside a Catholic Church,” Church Militant reported. “The participants were ordered to drip their blood on a Bible while denying Christ in front of a Catholic altar, even though da Silva and his sons belonged to an evangelical denomination.” Got that, folks? So-called Evangelical “Christianity” isn’t Christian enough for Satan. But I digress…

This disturbing story also highlights the link between child sacrifice and black magic rituals designed to bring wealth and power. Those unfamiliar with the occult may not be aware of this fact, but child sacrifice is almost always done with the aim of achieving wealth and power. And indeed it should not be taken as coincidence that the richest and most powerful on Earth routinely go out of their way to promote and support abortion. Planned Parenthood is a Molochian temple.

Quia non est nobis conluctatio adversus carnem et sanguinem sed adversus principes et potestates adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum contra spiritalia nequitiae in caelestibus.




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