Germans Arm Themselves In Face of Migrant Threat

The people of Germany are rushing to arm themselves as hordes mostly Muslim migrants bring crime and terror to the country.

The number of licenses granted for minor arms increased significantly from 2016 to 2017, so much so that some dealers are unable to keep up with the demand.

Reports the Daily Mail: “Germans held a record 557,560 licenses for minor arms by the end of last year, compared to 300,949 in January 2016. The surge of more than 85 per cent in just two years has left some dealers of non-lethal weapons such as air and stun guns unable to keep up with demand.”

The Mail notes that Germany has experienced a 52.7 per cent spike in crime carried out by so-called refugees. “After the barbaric attacks of November 2015 in Paris, young and old, both male and female, came from all walks of life and asked for free defense,” Ingo Meinhard, of the Association of German Gunsmiths and Gun Dealers, told the Mail.

In addition to the obvious concern about terrorism, the influx of large numbers of mostly Muslim migrants from the Middle East and Africa has of course resulted in a terrifyingly unsafe climate for native German women and girls, who are subjected to sexual harassment and assault on a regular basis.

The Mail noted the story of Carolin Matthie, a 24-year old part-time model who has amassed a significant social media following offering online tutorials on air rifle use to women. Matthie “was prompted to buy a £166 Walther P99 air pistol in 2016 after being followed back to her university halls by six drunken men shouting at her in a foreign language,” the Mail reported.

It would seem that the German people are resisting the pressure of Merkel’s migrant onslaught. Reports of the increase in minor arms licenses follow news that the German city of Cottbus banned refugees.

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