The Anti-Trump Conspiracy Comes into Focus

The revelations that have come out in the past few weeks surrounding the investigation into the Trump Campaign for alleged collusion with Russia are too important to ignore.

Simply put, the existence of a full-blown conspiracy to subvert Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (and, by extension, his presidency) is coming sharply and disturbingly into focus.

Revelations from the Nunes Memo, the recently released Grassley-Graham criminal referral against Christopher Steele, and the Strzok/Page texts together appear to paint a clear picture of corruption at the highest levels of Washington.

Here’s what we know:

The Strzok/Page texts revealed that agents were leaking damaging information to the press. Secondly, the texts pointed to the existence of an organized anti-Trump conspiracy, possibly the highest levels of the FBI/Justice Department/Obama White House.

This week saw the release of Strzok/Page texts which revealed that President Obama was directly involved in the Clinton email investigation, despite promising the American people that he would not interfere. “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”, Page texted Strzok.  If Obama was active in the Clinton investigation he was possibly active in the Trump investigation too.

Per the Nunes memo, we know that in July 2016 the Obama FBI — that was apparently going out of its way to keep Clinton in the clear — sought a FISA warrant against Trump and his campaign. The initial application was unsuccessful.

Per the Grassley-Graham referral, we know that in June 2016 the Perkins Coie law firm, which worked for both the Clinton campaign and the DNC, hired Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and his campaign. Simpson would contract Christopher Steele to concoct the infamous Steele Dossier.

Per the Nunes memo and the Grassley-Graham referral, we know that after the Obama administration’s initial failure to secure a FISA warrant against the Trump campaign, the FBI looked to the Steele dossier for grounds for a new FISA warrant application against Trump campaign employee Carter Page, an application on which James Comey signed off — despite apparently being fully aware of the report’s dubious partisan origins — and which was ultimately successful.

Per the Grassley-Graham referral, we know that Clinton and her cronies directly passed on information to an Obama State Department official to pass on to Steele, which was then passed onto the FBI to inform the successful FISA warrant application against Page. 

We also know that neither when the successful FISA warrant application was submitted, nor upon any of its three subsequent renewals, did the FBI reveal to the court that the Clinton campaign was involved in the Steele dossier’s creation.

All this would of course be damning and disturbing enough, but it becomes downright scary when one connects the dots between a series of New York Times articles uncovered by the trusty amateur sleuths on Reddit, which taken together suggest that Carter Page had a longstanding working relationship with the FBI and may in fact have been planted in the Trump campaign by the FBI to begin with.

If true, the entire Trump-Russia investigation itself is in reality the implementation of an anti-Trump insurance program concocted by the Clinton/Obama Deep State and implemented well before Trump took the presidency. It is truly nothing short of a stunningly brazen attempt to subvert the American political system and unseat a President.

Image Source: FBI

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