Dispatches from the Wasteland

A glance at some of last week’s noteworthy news and Leftist lunacy. 

Soros’s “Secret Plot” to Sink Brexit

George Soros, the real-life Lex Luthor of the Left, is apparently a member of a cabal plotting to undermine Britain’s exit from the EU, the Telegraph reports.

The group seeks to undermine PM Theresa May, according to the report, and plans to “target” MPs in an effort to have them vote against Brexit. It will also launch a campaign in an attempt to sway public opinion.

Some countries, such as Russia and Hungary, have taken legal measures designed to limit Soros’s nefarious  influence in their domestic affairs. It’s clearly high time the UK does the same.

Hillary Clinton’s Russian Collusion Problem 

The Hill reports that an FBI informant involved in the Uranium One scandal submitted a written statement to three congressional committees asserting that the Russian government funneled millions towards the Clinton Foundation in an effort to influence then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The informant, one Douglas Campbell, “was told by Russian nuclear executives that Moscow had hired the American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide specifically because it was in position to influence the Obama administration, and more specifically Hillary Clinton,” according to The Hill.

Liberals Triggered by High School Science Fair Project on Race and IQ

Liberals in California were triggered by a science fair project at C.K. McClatchy High School that examined differences between average IQs of various races, reports Fox News. The project — titled “Race and IQ” — was pulled after it  a received a number of complaints.

Whether the Left likes it or not, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that there are indeed disparities between the average IQ level of different races. And indeed those disparities go far to explain some of the outcomes that the Left likes so much to blame on systemic racism.

Bermuda Returns to Normalcy 

It seems the British overseas territory of Bermuda is an island of sanity in a West gone wrong. Bermuda Governor John Rankin approved on Wednesday a bill reversing the legal right of homosexuals to marry.

The bill will instead permit homosexual couples to form domestic partnerships. The move follows a backlash against the initial legalization of “gay marriage”. Explains Reuters: “The Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality in May 2017 was celebrated by the small gay community, but it also outraged many on the socially conservative island, including church leaders, and thousands protested outside parliament.”

Maryland Considers Further Endorsing Gender Identity Insanity

The Maryland House of Delegates Environment and Transportation committee held a hearing on Thursday in consideration of a bill that would allow people to mark “X”, instead of male or female, on their driver’s license, Breitbart reports.

Only three other states — California, Oregon, Washington — and the District of Columbia currently issue licenses that don’t list the owner’s gender.

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