Musings and Aphorisms III

The liberal’s professed faith in reason is little more than a mask for vanity and ego-worship. Without the solid foundation of Truth — without recognition of God, Natural Law, and the objective morality that comes with it — the process of reason becomes a mere exercise in the justification of personal whims, wants, and desires.


The true evil of Darwinism is that for the first time since the days of heathen human sacrifice, murder was de-anathematized in the mind of Western man. From the coming of Christianity until the arrival of Darwin, the only morally justifiable killing was done in the name of retributive justice or during jus bellum. After Darwin murder became permissible in the name of Human progress.


The Left may often appear to support a collection of conflicting and contradictory causes, but there is a carefully considered consistency, indeed logic, to every movement and interest group it supports: They strike at the heart of Christian Europe.

Do not allow the Left to claim to so-called counter-culture. The vast majority of the 20th century’s subcultures and counter-cultural movements were in essence reactionary whether they realized it or not; they rebelled not against the Soul of the West, but against those forces that, since the Enlightenment, have controlled the West’s fate. The rebel is a reactionary in action.


A revolutionary is a child screaming ‘I want’. A reactionary is an adult crying ‘I want to be left alone’.


The great political conflict is between liberty and equality, between the aristocrat and the democrat. The great economic conflict is between land and city, between the farmer and the banker. They are both but battles in great spiritual war between Truth and Nihilism, between Orthodoxy and atheism. 

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