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Expanding the Red Pill/Matrix Analogy

Those on the dissident right are beyond familiar with the concept of red-pilling at this point.

A reference to one of the most memorable scenes in the first Matrix film, “taking the red pill” refers to the acceptance/realization that the geopolitical and social narratives peddled by the Establishment and its mainstream media allies are complete nonsense intentionally intended to deceive — that the world as presented by those forces is a lie.

But the red pill analogy generally doesn’t go much beyond than that. And that’s a shame, because The Matrix analogy can be taken further and used to illustrate some important geopolitical and economic realities of our age.


Greg Johnson and Understanding Ethno-Nationalism as Leftism

The folks over at the “North American New Right” website Counter Currents may have revealed themselves to be little more than classical liberals in reactionary clothing. And indeed despite peddling pagan Nazi trash by the likes of Salvitri Devi, it seems Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson would actually be more at home with Jean-Jacques Rousseau than Julius Evola.

Johnson appeared on YouTuber Tara McCarthy‘s show to debate with other YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666.  Before Styx came on, Johnson gave a basic overview of what he deemed the “historic rationale” for ethno-nationalism, and in doing so touched directly on nationalism’s liberal, revolutionary Jacobin origins.


Yes, There Are ‘Sh*thole Countries’ and No, We Shouldn’t Import Their People

The outrage brigade has fully mobilized following reports that President Donald Trump asked a question during a meeting on Thursday that has surely been asked by every sane, free-thinking individual.

“Why are we having all these people from sh*thole countries come here?” Trump reportedly asked, according to The Hill. It’s a good question.


A Reactionary’s Guide To Dressing Well (and Properly)

Editor’s Note: It’s not all curmudgeonly doom and gloom here at The Traditionalist Mind. Sometimes we actually like to enjoy ourselves whilst decrying the dangers of Leftism and lamenting the collapse of Western Civilization. To that end, here’s a somewhat light-hearted post about gentlemen’s dress. 

In these dark times, dressing well and properly is in and of itself a small but noble act of revolt against the Modern world.

Those of a traditionalist or reactionary bent will surely have noticed that as our culture’s foundational moral codes have been eroded by Modernism, so too have our society’s traditional dress codes. Indeed, up until the cultural calamities unleashed in the 1960s, a man still left the house wearing jackets and ties and hats — which he tipped dutifully to any woman passing by.


The Archetypal Villain is a SJW

“The first Whig was the devil.” – Samuel Johnson

“The left is a collection of those who blame society for nature’s shabby treatment of them.” – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

It is worth noting that contemporary social justice warriors would, in more noble and civilized times, be considered archetypal evil villains.

The average social justice warrior, indeed any radical leftist really, is driven at his core by resentment, generally against those perceived to have some sort of ‘unfair’ privilege, and fueled by his own feelings of inadequacy.

Thus we see obese women shouting body positivity and demanding to be called beautiful, misanthropic feminists decrying a patriarchy that exists only in their minds, and a socio-political environment that is increasingly and openly hostile to white people in general.