Greg Johnson and Understanding Ethno-Nationalism as Leftism

The folks over at the “North American New Right” website Counter Currents may have revealed themselves to be little more than classical liberals in reactionary clothing. And indeed despite peddling pagan Nazi trash by the likes of Salvitri Devi, it seems Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson would actually be more at home with Jean-Jacques Rousseau than Julius Evola.

Johnson appeared on YouTuber Tara McCarthy‘s show to debate with other YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666.  Before Styx came on, Johnson gave a basic overview of what he deemed the “historic rationale” for ethno-nationalism, and in doing so touched directly on nationalism’s liberal, revolutionary Jacobin origins.


The Conservative Case For The Confederacy

To be honest I hadn’t intended to write this article. Heaven knows a veritable library of books has been written on the subject. I have of late, however, found myself involved in a few conversations, most of them with self-proclaimed conservatives, about whether or not there truly is a conservative case to be made for the Confederacy. And unlike my Lincoln-loving Republican friends, I absolutely believe there is indeed a conservative case to be made for the good ol’ C.S. of A. Consider the following: (more…)

200th Anniversary of Waterloo: Yes, Napoleon Was A Modern Liberal, Which Is Why He Needed To Be Stopped

My dear friends at Breitbart London seem slightly-bemused by a historian’s description of Napoleon as a modern liberal, proto-EU poster child. A modern liberal, however, is precisely what Napoleon was; initially a supporter of the Jacobins, he was a child of the Enlightenment, an eager partisan of progress and modernity, which is of course precisely why he needed to be stopped.

One look at Napoleon’s record as a civil ruler is enough to make any gentleman of sound political mind and opinion cringe. That accursed Corsican scoundrel instituted numerous liberal reforms, eradicated the last remnants of the feudal system in France, and consolidated and strengthened sate power at the expense of the Catholic Church. Moreover, his conquering armies spread secularisation, liberalisation, and nationalism wherever they went, the consequences of which we are still dealing with today.  (more…)