Political Philosophy

Greg Johnson and Understanding Ethno-Nationalism as Leftism

The folks over at the “North American New Right” website Counter Currents may have revealed themselves to be little more than classical liberals in reactionary clothing. And indeed despite peddling pagan Nazi trash by the likes of Salvitri Devi, it seems Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson would actually be more at home with Jean-Jacques Rousseau than Julius Evola.

Johnson appeared on YouTuber Tara McCarthy‘s show to debate with other YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666.  Before Styx came on, Johnson gave a basic overview of what he deemed the “historic rationale” for ethno-nationalism, and in doing so touched directly on nationalism’s liberal, revolutionary Jacobin origins.


A Comparative Guide to the Dissident Right

The following is a comparative diagram of the three major strains of the dissident right: ideological Traditionalism with a capital “T” (a la Guenon, Evola), traditionalist conservatism (as espoused by yours truly on The Traditionalist Mind), and what I will at present refer to broadly as the Revolutionary Right (which for the purposes of this article refers to the New Right, Fascists, and broad swathes of the Alt-Right). (more…)

Reaction & The Alt Right/Lite: Traditionalism vs. Revolutionary Rightism

“Leftists and rightists merely argue about who is to have possession of industrial society.
The reactionary longs for its death.” – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

There was recently a small civil skirmish afoot among the Dissident Right, as those on the so-called “Alt-Right” and members of the so-called “Alt-Lite” engaged in a shamefully public tantrum.  Meanwhile, traditionalist conservatives and authentic reactionaries such as this author were smirkingly-sipping our tea a la Kermit the Meme.

Such an outcome was long obvious — the inevitable result of a fundamental lack of knowledge (or perhaps disregard thereof?) regarding intellectual history and political philosophy amongst the majority of the both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite, and the fundamentally post-Enlightenment pedigree of many of their positions. 

I’ve little desire to rehash the origins and development of the fight, so I’ll just start with basic divisions that have emerged. The Alt-Lite wants to “disassociate” itself from White Nationalists like Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo. The Alt-Right, on the other hand is holding up said “disassociation” as proof that the Alt-Lite is nothing more that a bunch of “cucked” sellouts and opportunists.