Pope Francis is Dead Wrong About the Death Penalty

Despite what Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA [anti-] Pope Francis might say, the Apostles, Church Fathers, Doctors, and Thousands of Years of Tradition all agree that — as the good ol’ Texas saying goes — some folks just need killin’.

But why take my word for it when you could take theirs?


Google’s War on Truth Is Worse Than You Thought

Tech Giant Google is Censoring the Latin Bible

Google’s pro-leftist and anti-tradition bias is legendary.

An image search for “European people history” on the search engine returns a plethora of images of blacks. The search engine came under fire a few years ago for listing “Naziism” as an ideology of the California Republican Party. Its subsidiary YouTube went on an anti-Right purge, demonetizing droves of conservative and right-wing accounts.

Unfortunately, this author has by chance discovered that its bias is worse than any of us on the dissident right realized. Google is censoring the bible.


Musings and Aphorisms III

The liberal’s professed faith in reason is little more than a mask for vanity and ego-worship. Without the solid foundation of Truth — without recognition of God, Natural Law, and the objective morality that comes with it — the process of reason becomes a mere exercise in the justification of personal whims, wants, and desires.


No, Heathen Swine, You Have No Right To “Freedom From Religion” In America

If there is one political organisation in the States which I dislike more than any other, it is probably the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Their seething contempt for Christian language and symbolism and their desire to eradicate completely all traces of said language and symbolism seems nothing short of satanic. Unfortunately, years of liberal ascendancy and a stunningly-incorrect interpretation of the U.S. Constitution have allowed them and and others who share their hateful, anti-Christian views to have some considerable success in their demonic drive.

In the last week or so alone there have been three cases, two involving FFRF directly, which illustrate clearly that, despite what some on the left claim, there very much is an effort to see all traces of Christianity vanquished from everyday life. A Mississippi high school marching band had their halftime show cancelled as it featured a Christian hymn. Shortly after that, news broke that a Kansas middle school removed a decades-old portrait of Jesus after the FFRF filed a complaint, and then a few days later FFRF sent letters to Arkansas police departments demanding they remove the phrase “in God we trust” from their patrol cars. It is in times like these that the idea of burning heretics at the stake actually starts to have some appeal. But I digress… (more…)

On “Extremism” and British Values

I have no doubt readers of this site will by now be aware of MP Mark Spencer’s suggestion that recently-introduced anti-terror powers be used against those teaching traditional Christian beliefs regarding gay marriage. Like most traditionalists, orthodox Christians, and proper conservatives in general, I realised quasi-totalitarian legislation designed to combat the meaningless abstraction of “extremism” would inevitably be turned against traditionalists, orthodox Christians, and proper conservatives in general. I did not, however, expect to see the idea floated so soon, and by a “Tory” MP no less.

It is indeed a strange state affairs when an MP whose party leader (and PM) has stated emphatically that Britain is a Christian country can suggest with a straight face that orthodox Christian teaching regarding homosexuality is extremist or somehow a violation of British values. I suppose Mr. Spencer also believes a change to the Union flag is in order, seeing as it depicts three crosses. Perhaps we should also demolish Westminster Abbey while we’re at it, and exhume the corpses of practically every soul on the island, as they were undoubtedly all gay-hating, anti-British Christian bigots. (more…)