Musings and Aphorisms III

The liberal’s professed faith in reason is little more than a mask for vanity and ego-worship. Without the solid foundation of Truth — without recognition of God, Natural Law, and the objective morality that comes with it — the process of reason becomes a mere exercise in the justification of personal whims, wants, and desires.


Ideas and Ideology: An Introduction to Traditionalist Conservatism

Editor’s Note: The following is a rough excerpt from the introduction of a forthcoming book on Traditionalist Conservatism on which the author is working currently. 

When encountered by a typical moderne, the traditionalist conservative causes confusion, for he does not square neatly with popular, post-industrial conceptions of Left and Right. The reason our typical moderne cannot fit the traditionalist conservative into a neat, contemporary ideological box is simple: At his core, the traditionalist conservative rejects all ideologies, for ideologies are simply secular religions which replace Christianity with faith in a political ideal or principle, and the traditionalist conservative in the West, being a Christian, or at the very least accepting the Christian soul of Western civilization, has no need to do so.


The Conservative Case For The Confederacy

To be honest I hadn’t intended to write this article. Heaven knows a veritable library of books has been written on the subject. I have of late, however, found myself involved in a few conversations, most of them with self-proclaimed conservatives, about whether or not there truly is a conservative case to be made for the Confederacy. And unlike my Lincoln-loving Republican friends, I absolutely believe there is indeed a conservative case to be made for the good ol’ C.S. of A. Consider the following: (more…)