cultural marxism

Whitewash? Hogwash…

Cameron Crowe has caused a stir amongst the politically-correct crowd by casting Emma Stone in a role portraying a character of part Hawaiian, Chinese, and Swedish descent. Evidently “Asians and non-Asians alike asked why they didn’t pick an Asian actress to play a character who is part-Asian”. Once again we see the multiculturalists’ real-world accuracy for me, not for thee attitude when it comes to the portrayal of race in popular culture.

First of all it’s worth noting that actors are indeed actors. They, by definition, pretend to be someone else for a living. If one is to complain about Emma Stone portraying someone from an ethnic group to which she in fact does not belong, why should one be satisfied with Brits playing Americans, or straight people playing gay people, or twenty-year-olds portraying seventeen-year-olds, or 21st century human beings portraying 2nd century human beings? (more…)

The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hair, Makeup, and Breasts

The cover of the next issue of Vanity Fair features Bruce Jenner, post- “facial-feminization” surgery, wearing women’s clothes, and insisting we now call him Caitlyn. Predictably, upon being greeted with this news, the brainwashed masses online reacted as if Mr. Jenner had just descended from the heavens in a burst of rainbows, mounted on a winged unicorn, and soared down to earth just in time to rescue five hundred orphaned ethnic children and as many puppies from a burning building. (more…)

The Race Racket Part II: The Great White Privilege

I still remember the first time I heard the term “white privilege”. Though I can’t recall the exact topic of the conversation that brought this concept to my attention, I can certainly remember my utter incredulity that such nonsense was, as my fellow conversant insisted, a “real thing”, not to mention my horror that someone who I had hitherto assumed to be intelligent and sane could believe such blatant cultural marxist bunk.

In theory, “white privilege”‘ refers to the alleged inherent advantages afforded to white people by virtue of their being the dominant group in society (for the purposes of this article the society in question is the United States). A closer examination, however, reveals that these so-called privileges are not inherently tied to race, and certainly not privileges which every white person can expect to claim.  (more…)

The Egalitarian Rage Awakened

Living in New York I’m surrounded by all sorts of liberals and leftists, so it’s hardly surprising that I’m constantly finding myself in incredibly frustrating conversations about politics.

Of all the various species of leftist that inhabit this fair city, the one most likely to leap at the opportunity to start an argument with me seems to be the Feministus Novus Eboracus. Honestly, telling the average girl in this city that I’m a conservative seems to elicit the same reaction I’d expect were I to tell them I have the clap. (more…)