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The Conservative Case For The Confederacy

To be honest I hadn’t intended to write this article. Heaven knows a veritable library of books has been written on the subject. I have of late, however, found myself involved in a few conversations, most of them with self-proclaimed conservatives, about whether or not there truly is a conservative case to be made for the Confederacy. And unlike my Lincoln-loving Republican friends, I absolutely believe there is indeed a conservative case to be made for the good ol’ C.S. of A. Consider the following: (more…)

The Race Racket Part I: Inconvenient Truths

Michael Brown. Ferguson. Race. Racism. Cops. These words have been hovering around for the last few months like a swarm of mosquitoes, draining the life out of the country’s already-pitiful ability to have a meaningful conversation with itself.

I wanted this piece to be somewhat civil, I really did. I spent the longest four and a half minutes of my life trying to come up with some vaguely even-handed, even conciliatory, way of discussing such a divisive issue. But the truth is that I am fed up. I’m fed up with The Narrative the left propagates and their twisting every single negative thing that can conceivably happen to a black person into an issue of racism.

I’m fed up with their Orwellian abuse of language, having effectively redefined the word racism in order to continue accusing others of practicing it. I’m tired of their ludicrous theories about “latent racism” and “white privilege”, and I’m tired of the culture they created: a culture in which the media acts as a lynch mob, blacks who don’t vote Democrat are seen by other blacks as race traitors, and countless young whites across the country are ashamed of their own heritage. Most of all I’m tired of the blood-sucking charlatans who don’t give a damn about dead black kids unless their killers are white. (more…)