The American Left is Reverting to Form

Writing in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages, Shelby Steele argues that the American left is now consumed by hate because, “lacking worthy menaces to fight, it is driven to find a replacement for racism.” He’s wrong. The truth is that the left, American or otherwise, has always been consumed by hate.


Musings and Aphorisms III

The liberal’s professed faith in reason is little more than a mask for vanity and ego-worship. Without the solid foundation of Truth — without recognition of God, Natural Law, and the objective morality that comes with it — the process of reason becomes a mere exercise in the justification of personal whims, wants, and desires.


The Archetypal Villain is a SJW

“The first Whig was the devil.” – Samuel Johnson

“The left is a collection of those who blame society for nature’s shabby treatment of them.” – Nicolás Gómez Dávila

It is worth noting that contemporary social justice warriors would, in more noble and civilized times, be considered archetypal evil villains.

The average social justice warrior, indeed any radical leftist really, is driven at his core by resentment, generally against those perceived to have some sort of ‘unfair’ privilege, and fueled by his own feelings of inadequacy.

Thus we see obese women shouting body positivity and demanding to be called beautiful, misanthropic feminists decrying a patriarchy that exists only in their minds, and a socio-political environment that is increasingly and openly hostile to white people in general.


The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hair, Makeup, and Breasts

The cover of the next issue of Vanity Fair features Bruce Jenner, post- “facial-feminization” surgery, wearing women’s clothes, and insisting we now call him Caitlyn. Predictably, upon being greeted with this news, the brainwashed masses online reacted as if Mr. Jenner had just descended from the heavens in a burst of rainbows, mounted on a winged unicorn, and soared down to earth just in time to rescue five hundred orphaned ethnic children and as many puppies from a burning building. (more…)

Autophilia and the Puer Aeternus: the Twin Pillars of Modern Liberalism

“Conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order.” – Russell Kirk

Ideologies can best be understood as secular religions. They are born when a person or people rejects God and Natural Law. As history reveals time and again, a people may divest a ruler of power, but they cannot eradicate power itself. Likewise, the history of ideas shows us that while a person or people may reject God and his laws, they cannot remove their instinctive need for religion. Enter ideology.

The religious nature of ideology becomes clear when one examines the modern progressive liberal, for if ideologies are secular religions, surely liberalism is the most successful, aggressive, and dogmatic of them all. Anyone who has tried to have a civilized debate with a liberal knows their zeal for their beliefs is matched only by 17th-century Puritans and medieval Nizari fedayeen.  (more…)