To the Cretins Who Think Socialism and Communism Are Good Ideas

It is becoming increasingly apparent that significant swathes of the American public, especially the young, are proponents of socialism and communism. Or at least what they believe socialism and communism to be, anyway.

Of course, anyone remotely familiar with history and human nature knows that equality can exist only at the expense of liberty — or worse. Or, as Rush put it, “the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw”.

Unfortunately, due in large part to the Left’s ironclad grip on academia, the modern Western public has been kept largely blind to the full horrors of the Bolshevik menace. This is particularly troubling for this writer, whose family suffered greatly at the hands of the USSR.


Dispatches from the Wasteland

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Hungary Moves to ‘Stop Soros’ 

The Eastern Europe nation continues its valiant and often single-handed efforts to save the remnants of Western civilization. The Hungarian government outlined on Wednesday plans to introduce legislation targeted against foreign-funded NGOs that support illegal immigration.