A Few Belated Thoughts on Charlottesville

The reaction from nearly all sides — by which I mean progressive leftists of every sort, so-called political moderates, the mainstream media, and the feckless liberal cowards who inhabit the halls of Conservative Inc. — in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia was simply staggering.

Rarely in this author’s life has he seen such a flagrant display of hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty, doublethink, ideological manipulation, and pure, unadulterated lying from the media powers-that-be. (more…)

On Racist Mass-Murderers and Rebel Flags

When deranged, racist psychopath Dylann Roof murdered nine innocent people in a black church in Charleston, SC last week, his intention was allegedly to start a race war. Ultimately, however, it appears the only war he managed to start was a verbal one over the display of the Confederate flag.

Americans, especially American liberals, have a habit of using unspeakable tragedies to attack things vaguely-related to said tragedies that they don’t like. Usually in the wake of mass shootings the target is guns, and of course plenty of pundits have pushed the tired this-wouldn’t-have-happened-were-guns-illegal inanity in reaction to the Charleston shooting. A writer for Salon even used the shooting to reveal the alleged-existence of a double-standard in media reactions to young, white murderers versus young, black murderers. (more…)

Whitewash? Hogwash…

Cameron Crowe has caused a stir amongst the politically-correct crowd by casting Emma Stone in a role portraying a character of part Hawaiian, Chinese, and Swedish descent. Evidently “Asians and non-Asians alike asked why they didn’t pick an Asian actress to play a character who is part-Asian”. Once again we see the multiculturalists’ real-world accuracy for me, not for thee attitude when it comes to the portrayal of race in popular culture.

First of all it’s worth noting that actors are indeed actors. They, by definition, pretend to be someone else for a living. If one is to complain about Emma Stone portraying someone from an ethnic group to which she in fact does not belong, why should one be satisfied with Brits playing Americans, or straight people playing gay people, or twenty-year-olds portraying seventeen-year-olds, or 21st century human beings portraying 2nd century human beings? (more…)

The Race Racket Part II: The Great White Privilege

I still remember the first time I heard the term “white privilege”. Though I can’t recall the exact topic of the conversation that brought this concept to my attention, I can certainly remember my utter incredulity that such nonsense was, as my fellow conversant insisted, a “real thing”, not to mention my horror that someone who I had hitherto assumed to be intelligent and sane could believe such blatant cultural marxist bunk.

In theory, “white privilege”‘ refers to the alleged inherent advantages afforded to white people by virtue of their being the dominant group in society (for the purposes of this article the society in question is the United States). A closer examination, however, reveals that these so-called privileges are not inherently tied to race, and certainly not privileges which every white person can expect to claim.  (more…)

The Race Racket Part I: Inconvenient Truths

Michael Brown. Ferguson. Race. Racism. Cops. These words have been hovering around for the last few months like a swarm of mosquitoes, draining the life out of the country’s already-pitiful ability to have a meaningful conversation with itself.

I wanted this piece to be somewhat civil, I really did. I spent the longest four and a half minutes of my life trying to come up with some vaguely even-handed, even conciliatory, way of discussing such a divisive issue. But the truth is that I am fed up. I’m fed up with The Narrative the left propagates and their twisting every single negative thing that can conceivably happen to a black person into an issue of racism.

I’m fed up with their Orwellian abuse of language, having effectively redefined the word racism in order to continue accusing others of practicing it. I’m tired of their ludicrous theories about “latent racism” and “white privilege”, and I’m tired of the culture they created: a culture in which the media acts as a lynch mob, blacks who don’t vote Democrat are seen by other blacks as race traitors, and countless young whites across the country are ashamed of their own heritage. Most of all I’m tired of the blood-sucking charlatans who don’t give a damn about dead black kids unless their killers are white. (more…)