Ideas and Ideology: An Introduction to Traditionalist Conservatism

Editor’s Note: The following is a rough excerpt from the introduction of a forthcoming book on Traditionalist Conservatism on which the author is working currently. 

When encountered by a typical moderne, the traditionalist conservative causes confusion, for he does not square neatly with popular, post-industrial conceptions of Left and Right. The reason our typical moderne cannot fit the traditionalist conservative into a neat, contemporary ideological box is simple: At his core, the traditionalist conservative rejects all ideologies, for ideologies are simply secular religions which replace Christianity with faith in a political ideal or principle, and the traditionalist conservative in the West, being a Christian, or at the very least accepting the Christian soul of Western civilization, has no need to do so.


200th Anniversary of Waterloo: Yes, Napoleon Was A Modern Liberal, Which Is Why He Needed To Be Stopped

My dear friends at Breitbart London seem slightly-bemused by a historian’s description of Napoleon as a modern liberal, proto-EU poster child. A modern liberal, however, is precisely what Napoleon was; initially a supporter of the Jacobins, he was a child of the Enlightenment, an eager partisan of progress and modernity, which is of course precisely why he needed to be stopped.

One look at Napoleon’s record as a civil ruler is enough to make any gentleman of sound political mind and opinion cringe. That accursed Corsican scoundrel instituted numerous liberal reforms, eradicated the last remnants of the feudal system in France, and consolidated and strengthened sate power at the expense of the Catholic Church. Moreover, his conquering armies spread secularisation, liberalisation, and nationalism wherever they went, the consequences of which we are still dealing with today.  (more…)